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Antonette Goroch is a singer, songwriter, writer and world traveler. A vocalist and storyteller since the age of 5, she has delved into various musical styles including opera, musicals, rock, classical, country, folk and blues. She began writing and recording songs in the early nineties, as part of the burgeoning punk-feminist West Coast wave of riot grrrls, touching off a twenty year love affair with speaking her mind through music and life on the road. Since then, Antonette has recorded nine CDs, two vinyl records and two cassettes with her bands and as a solo performer. Though she has been compared to other contemporary indie folk artists such as Neko Case, Penelope Houston and Mazzy Star, Antonette, crafts her own unique sound embodying the themes, melodies and song structures of traditional folk along with simple punk rock chords, a relentless DIY aesthetic and the timeless themes of love, hate, greed, betrayal, oppression, revolution and justice. Antonette has spearheaded an array of diverse projects over the past twenty years, co-producing several full length recordings as the singer/bassist for the riot grrrl trio, the Amazon Mollies (I’m With The Band/ 1995 Be Nice, Be Sweet/ 1996, Molly Rock/1997, Promised Land/1999, Sugar Molly/2000); the singer/guitarist for the folk rock band, Liesl’s Wet Dress (Shedding Skin/Rodent Records CD 2001, Gingerbread Aliens/Rodent Records 7” vinyl 2004, Spielen/Rodent Records EP 2005); and the singer/guitarist for the indie folk duet, The Hobbyists (The Hobbyists, CD/Rodent Records 2006). She has released three solo recordings (Pieces of Gravel/Light Rail Records EP 2011, Antonette G/Rodent Records CD 2010, Pretty Pictures/ Rodent Records 7” vinyl 2010), which include collaborations with Billy Talbot (of Neil Young & Crazy Horse) and Nicolas Dobbratz (Yip Deciever/Of Montreal). Antonette is currently recording new material with the SF-based indie rock trio, Super Natural. Their first EP will be released May 6, 2014 on the Athens, GA/Oakland, CA label Aerobic International. Throughout each of these incarnations, Antonette has been recognized for her voice, melodies and lyrics, described as “a compelling blend of intelligence, innocence and insight, with a dash of intellectual insanity.” An avid traveler, Antonette has toured throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe for the last 15 years in bands and as a solo performer opening for various artists including Joseph Arthur, Ed Harcourt, and Penelope Houston (of the Avengers). She has also collaborated and performed as a guest with bands/artists including, Smile God Loves You, Poetics, ShellShag, Gravid Wives and The Billy Talbot Band (of Neil Young & Crazy Horse).

“AntonetteG’s material reveals a variety of influences. The song ‘My Horseshoe’ has a country flair, while ‘Pretty Pictures’ shows her rock side. ‘No Joy For The Soldier’ suggests a Creedence Clearwater Revival influence. The song describes military personnel struggling to adjust when they return from battle, a timely topic given our nation’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”—John Larson, Tacoma Weekly