The end is always the beginning…

My last show in Italy until next year is a special one.

The beautiful city of Ferrara, home to a very artistic and thoughtful sort of people both past and present. This series at Korova Milk Bar is representative.

For me– tonight is both the “end” of a cycle of things (in that it’s my last show in Italy before I return to the US for 2017), but also a “beginning” in that after the show I will be spending the weekend with many of the friends and collaborators I have made here, working on the photographic and video elements (as well as some mixing/recording) of my upcoming release, “Songs from Bologna”. We’ll begin shooting video for the song “Revolution” along the banks of the river Po–a place that has become my second home in so many ways.

So, with that in mind, I look forward to the beginning.

As I’ve been saying lately, “I am the messenger.”

My message?

Andiamo. Il futuro è nostro.